Say What?

I am sure that it would be interesting to know exactly when churches stopped putting their meeting times and some words of welcome on their signboards and started making up puns and enigmatic messages. It would also be interesting to know why they switched over.
I travel a particular area of Interstate 81 frequently, and once stopped to photograph a church signboard message that read “JESUS – HIS BLOOD’S FOR YOU.” This week that sign said “FREE TRIP TO HEAVEN – DETAILS INSIDE.” Then there was the church near my home that put up for the week before Mother’s Day “ITS MOTHERS DAY, SO HAVE A NICE DAY ALL YOU MOTHERS.”
Today, caught without my camera, I stopped to write down the words from another church signboard. It says “LIBERTY LIES MORE IN THE CHOICE MADE THAN IN THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE CHOICE.”
All I can figure about this statement is that these folks need a dictionary. And a history book or a newspaper might help as well.

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