Our ignorance is beginning to show ?

Over at CNN this morning in a story named ?Jesus Sells? presented by Susan Hendricks and narrated by Delia Galligher, both commentators call Jesus a prophet ? so, it is cute, ?profit from a prophet,? but in the current christianist spirit of the times I imagine there will be Easter eggs thrown at them.
The relevant text is in Matthew 16:13-18, where the divinity of Jesus is stated by Peter and confirmed by Jesus. Jesus further states that His divine nature has not been revealed by earthly witnesses, but that it was revealed to Peter by God Himself. This scripture contains the absolute statement that Jesus is not a prophet. Matthew 16:18 is the foundational scripture of Christianity, the reason St. Peter?s Basilica in Rome is called St. Peter?s, and the establishing scripture of the Catholic church.
Now, over in islamist tradition and scripture, Jesus is recognized as a prophet, but he is a lesser prophet than Mohammed. And because of the declaration in Matthew 16:16, the islamists call Christians polytheists ? since we obviously have at least two gods, Jesus and His Father.
Personally at Easter I am for the chocolate bunny and the jellybeans, coloring the boiled eggs for the kiddies, and looking at the spring flowers. I have been out of the theological discussion so long that I don?t even know whether to call the misstatement at CNN apostasy or heresy, but I know it is one of those. Could be it is both. Or maybe you can?t be apostate or a heretic just because you are ignorant. Go ask a theologian.
However, let?s be clear about this. Christians aren?t profiting from a prophet. In the terms of their own liturgy, when they sell the little WWJD trinkets and the horseshoe nails on a bead chain they are profiting from the ?Christ, the Son of the Living God.? (Matt. 16:16, KJV)

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