Jerry Falwell’s Passing Over

In other terms than global warming, the world probably got just a little warmer with the passing of Jerry Falwell. He grew hate in his backyard and spread it around by the truck load — and with his masterful use of the media and political influence, he made a hate-filled version of Christianity the norm of the day. He played upon the fears of people and helped rally the Christian right to place George W. Bush in the presidency and our democracy at risk as it is today.
There is hardly a segment of society that he did not insult, including many Christians, with his bigotry and arrogance. With his passing, Christianity has an open door to move to a more actually Christian attitude. I found a message on that topic at Pomomusings that is worth reading.
As for whether Rev. Falwell is in heaven or hell, you already know I don’t believe in the existence of hell. As I have said before, hell is just wishful thinking. In the reality Falwell has left for his followers and his enemies, the damage he did will be a long time healing.

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