Anybody not yet insulted?

Here is Ann Coulter in her persona as Legal Affairs Correspondent for Human Events talking about the YouTube Democratic debate:

CNN commentators keep telling us how young and hip the audience was for last week’s YouTube Democratic debate, apparently unaware that the camera occasionally panned across the audience, which was the same oddball collection of teachers’ union shills and welfare recipients you see at all Democratic gatherings.
Noticeably, Gov. Bill Richardson got the first “woo” of the debate — the mating call of rotund liberal women — for demanding a federal mandate that would guarantee public schoolteachers a minimum salary of $40,000…

So what is with the putdown for school teachers? I saw a position announcement the other day coming to a teacher education department that was seeking a person trained as a public school teacher to work as a nanny for 3 kids in Washington, D.C. The offered salary was $50,000.00, and there was a retirement account and health insurance as well as room and board, with two days off a week and holidays. Wait till teacher’s union shrills hear about that!
And I know a few rotund liberal women who could squash Ann Coulter like the biting bug she is. Even liberals get mad once in a while.

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