The commute

My commute to work is just a bit over 52 miles a day, 26 miles each direction. I have just over 13 years with my employer, and while I am not getting rich, I am what people call “making a living.”
Anyway, I just got e-mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that reminded me that gas was $1.45 a gallon when George Bush took office. The Corolla gets pretty good gas mileage, but with one thing and another, I put around $30.00 worth of gas in the car three times a month. Let’s see, at $3.00 a gallon, that is, hey, 30 gallons a month for $90.00.
At pre-Bush-Halliburton prices, that would be $43.00 a month.
So the gas keeps going up, and with raises below the inflation rate, I will have to work until I am 100 years old — no, wait. That doesn’t figure. If I earn less each year, eventually I will be working for nothing. Then how will Halliburton get money?

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