Change We Can Believe In

Open letter to Barack Obama:
For a long time now we have heard the rantings of fringe elements, the voices of hate and fear that have been gathered into one loud rant against the public option. I think it is time to take the offered compromise off he table and announce the dropping of all age and disability requirements for Medicare. The system is in place. People want it. People need it.
I admire your commitment to having everyone at the table, but that commitment assumes that the people at the table are people, not purchased pawns of ideologies and financial interests that cannot by prior agreement that they put above their legislative duties say anything but “no.” The Republicans have never been at the table. The insurance companies have never been at the table. They have not considered reason or bargained in good faith. They have not bargained at all. They have just continued their rant.
If the public option is off the table, then we need to step back to single payer. That is the way you have to bargain with people who do not recognize a reasonable compromise.

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