Why I am voting for Rick Boucher in November

Anyone familiar with the posts on this web site knows that I am not in agreement with Congressman Rick Boucher on some issues. I am, however, supporting him with my vote in November. Here are the reasons why:

  • He has always kept his local office open for his constituents, and over the years he has helped countless people with Social Security, black lung claims, and other needs. His office is central to us as a place where we find help.
  • He knows the Ninth District, it is his home as it is mine, and he has demonstrated over the years that he understands and cares about the Ninth.
  • He works hard in Washington. He is virtually always present for votes, and he always represents the Ninth.
  • He supports women’s right to choose. He knows, as everyone should, that anti-abortion legislation will not stop abortions. Ultimately it will be women who repudiate abortion and find a better way. We will do that one by one, by our own personal choices, because we love babies more than governments and churches do. In nations with abortion on demand, the abortion rate is already lower than ours. Women choose babies, and most of the people working in childcare and child advocacy are women. Your Mom was a woman. When women choose, children win.
  • He isn’t a tax and spend liberal, because he always knows where the money is going. But he is also not an ideologue dedicated to a failed mantra of “No, no, no” that he has to keep reciting. In today’s definition, he is right of center, a true representative of the Ninth.
  • He understands Cap and Trade. I want clean energy, but I understand how coal fits into our economy, so I understand his focus. The move to clean energy will be made, perhaps within our lifetimes. Cap and Trade is a transitional compromise that lets our miners keep working. Without Congressman Boucher’s influence, the Cap and Trade rules would be more difficult for Virginia coal miners. I hope nobody votes against Congressman Boucher because of his hard work on Cap and Trade. If they do, they will be tossing away their best chance of continuing to do business.
  • He has brought us recognition, jobs, money, and resources. He is committed to our people and our economic development. He has worked consistently to build infrastructure, roads, broadband access, and utilities including clean water to people in the Ninth. He has brought in companies and businesses. We need him to continue this important work.

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