Worst reasons to vote for a candidate

I have been calling voters, and most of them are interested in the issues or at least know what one or two of the issues are. Some are still in Neverland. Here are the worst reasons I have heard to vote for a candidate:

  • The candidate is a good Christian — bad reason because you can’t know this.
  • The candidate is not a good Christian — see above.
  • The candidate will protect marriage — bad reason because there is nothing a candidate can do to protect marriage. Get some counseling, and quit acting like it is someone else’s fault. The candidate who is promising to protect marriage is actually going to do away with the minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare, and what is that going to do to your marriage? Your mother-in-law will have to move in with you and you or your spouse will have to get a third job.
  • The candidate will end abortion — bad reason because nobody is going to do this by passing laws against abortion. Overturning Roe v. Wade will not end abortion. If you want to end abortion, find the candidate who will guarantee children free health care and a good education and promise to work for a living wage for parents. Life is cruel and hard. Make it less cruel and hard, and you will get so many children running around that you will have to figure out something to do about overpopulation.
  • The candidate is an incumbent — bad reason because it is only half of a reason. You should vote for an incumbent doing a good job, and against an incumbent who isn’t. If you can’t tell the difference, you should start reading the newspaper.
  • The candidate is not an incumbent, need some new blood, etc. etc. out with the old in with the new — a bad reason because it is only half of a reason. When you get a new model, pay at least as much attention to the features of the new candidate as you would to the features of a new refrigerator. Different is not necessarily better.

2 responses to “Worst reasons to vote for a candidate

  1. If the voter wants someone who is not an incumbent, the voter’s choice is only good until the candidate is sworn in…then he’s the incumbent! Incumbent is not really a dirty word, to be avoided any time we vote.

  2. The worst one I ever heard: “the other guy’s commercials are too annoying.”

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