Morgan Griffith sends no promises

I received Morgan Griffith’s mailing today with all that he promises to do for us here in the Ninth District. At least that is what a political picture postcard should be about. However, since he is not promising to do anything for us, his postcard only told me what he opposes:

  1. Morgan Griffith opposes the Obama health care law and will repeal it. That means that your kids won’t stay on your policy until they are 26, insurance companies will drop people when they become ill, the new preventive services in Medicare will go away, we will be back in the doughnut hole, and nobody will question increased premiums. It also means another year or two of debate in which Republicans won’t mind lining their pockets more lobbyist money and favors.
  2. Morgan Griffith opposes abortion. He opposes health care for your sons and daughters through their young adult years, but he thinks that as a Congressman he can manage your daughter’s pregnancy better than she can manage it herself. He is wrong. Women love babies more than governments love babies. Making life better and giving young adults financial security and health resources so they can commit to families will reduce the abortion rate. Advances in health care and financial good times produced the Baby Boomers. Griffith and his party oppose Social Security, the safety net for children as well as the elderly, along with the minimum wage, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance, all of which are foundational to having the security to start a family. If you are voting for life, you should consider that life springs from hopeful young people. Young people with no security and no hope don’t start families.

Our future in the Ninth is with Congressman Boucher. Vote for him on November 2nd, and don’t be swayed by the “no promises” of Morgan Griffith.

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