Congresswoman Nan Hayworth constituent needs ACA

This letter to Representative Nan Hayworth was posted yesterday to a comment stream on Facebook. The writer, Pauline Schneider of Katonah, NY, has generously given permission to include her letter here to share with our readers:

Dear Congresswoman Nan Hayworth,

I was disheartened to hear how the GOP stood together today, lockstep against my family and my son, as well as against millions of others.

…I’m sure I’m not the only parent across the country thanking her stars for this health care reform bill that allows our children to remain on our health care plans. Frankly, it’s a miracle and I always thought it was an outrage that our children could not remain on our plans after they turned 18. Of course insurance companies bank on our love and look forward to the
outrageous COBRA payments that we are willing to pay out of love for our children to keep them insured. Sadly, many families cannot afford those outrageous COBRA bills and their children are left uninsured.

Since you are a doctor, though not a physician, you are well aware of the cost of out of pocket medicine. I would hope that you would support this bill that will help so many of our children receive the care they deserve and need by keeping them on their parent’s plans.

My son is 23 and because of this wonderful bill he is now able to be on our plan and receive the surgery and physical therapy he needs to repair a damaged shoulder. My 21 year old daughter will soon also be a beneficiary of this remarkable and historic bill. And the cost of this benefit is only ours, and did not come through any taxes or govt fund, but through our already paid for insurance plan. A pretty good deal for the country, don’t you think?

I haven’t checked how you voted yet, but from your campaign rhetoric I can guess you stood against my children. If so, I recommend you change your stance and join the millions of mothers across this country who are celebrating this bill and the benefits it is already giving our children.

Do the right thing and join the good people who care about all our children.


Pauline Schneider
Katonah, NY

If you want to keep the Affordable Care Act and see it implemented, be sure to write a similar letter to your representative in Congress. It is not appropriate to be silent and pay for their health care with our taxes while they refuse to support and fund health care for us.

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