Going back to work Monday

My month off work is almost gone, and it has been too short! I have been looking around at all of the things I have done, and I think the time has been well spent. I wonít make a list here, because it would be too long for anybody to read anyway!
I will say that I watched a movie just about every day, from Glenís collection of DVDís and videos or in the theater. We not only watched movies, but we had time to talk about them. Since I watched these with Glen, this has been something like a 6-credit-hour graduate seminar in movies. You can read Glenís movie reviews at Anvil & Sprocket if you wish to participate in the seminar.
Maybe I will get around to telling about some of the other activities, like the trip to South Carolina, the family reunion, the high school class reunion, the good food and the good books, taking care of my plants and my house, at a later time. To my friends from work who took care of things there and let me have the time away, thanks for not calling! I will see you on Monday!

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