A whole month!

I have a 10-month contract at Emory & Henry, which is great if you can plan for the summer off! This summer, they asked me to work through June, but they have agreed to just stack up work on my desk during July.
So I have a whole month off work!
Today is my first day at home. I am happy to say that I did not get the least bit bored! I made soup at lunch, did some laundry, cleaning, and vacuuming, sorted out some stuff on the back porch, and got a start on a writing project. In addition, I watched a movie with Glen — The Incredible Hulk Returns, one of the movies with the real Hulk, not the cartoon one. I also read half of City of Light, City of Dark , story by Avi and art by Brian Floca. And I wrote this entry for my blog, and it is not even 5:00 p.m. yet.
And I can do all of this great stuff again tomorrow! Maybe with a different movie.

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