Accountability in Bush II

So Lurita Doan, the Bush appointee running the GSA, violated the Hatch Act.

Like so many Bush appointees lately summoned to account by Congress, Ms. Doan repeatedly said she could not recall details of the meeting. In a bit of novelty, she claimed to be engrossed in reading her BlackBerry e-mail messages. Investigators of the United States Office of Special Counsel found no forensic evidence that she was using electronic devices during the meeting. Her other defense ? that her accusers were poor-performing malcontents ? was also found untrue, with several holding merit citations. [New York Times Editorial: Forget Ethics, Remember Politics, 5-29-2007]

I personally believe that people should pay for their crimes (violations of law) within the established justice system — Constitution, statutory law, precedent, day in court, right to face accusers, judge and jury, penalty hearing, sentence, paying your debt to society, all that stuff, remember? But I grew up in fundamentalism, and this is how the final court in Christian fundamentalism works if you are charged with some variance from God?s law:

  • you die
  • you go to Hell
  • you wait in the Hell situation until the ending of time
  • at the ending of time, you find yourself standing before the judgment seat of Christ
  • books are opened in which all of your deeds have been written down.
  • your sinful deeds are read for all to hear, and you are judged
  • you are thrown into the eternal lake of fire and brimstone

You can find the process described in greater detail here
Of course there is that little thing of asking God for forgiveness. When you do that, your accounting page is washed clean by the blood shed at the crucifixion, and your name is written in the Book of Life. So I figure that none of the Bush appointees, who are fundamentalists (first requirement) are at all nervous. They just have a little prayer closet off the courtroom where they ask forgiveness when they finish testifying. That way, when they get hit by a truck on the way home and find themselves standing at the white throne and facing the open book, God won?t recall their perjury. He would have forgotten as well anything they have done that might have called them to testify in the first place. Though their sins [might have been] as scarlet, they shall be as white as wool. [Isaiah 1:18]

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