Now I know

I am a step closer to perfection because of a newsletter that came to my hand from the Human Resources Office. This is the office that used to be called ?Personnel.?
On the front page, half of the space was given to how to manage student employees. Maybe somebody already knows how I feel about the student debt culture and our over-worked stressed-out assessed-to-oblivion young people. If they work hard and get a scholarship, they lose their subsidized loan and work-study and get thrown to the loan shark pool. Oh, wait. That is a negative thought. I forgot what the whole back page is about.
On the back page under the title “The Power of Positive Attitude” is an extended message from Remez Sasson. I looked for this name in Wikipedia, and there was no entry. However, on a Google search, I got 14,800 hits in 0.11 seconds. So Sasson is around, just not getting any cultural definition.
The message from Sasson that Human Resources wants to convey is that if I want to be successful I am not supposed to think negative thoughts. I am supposed to choose to be happy, choose to be and stay optimistic, have faith in myself and in others, associate myself with happy people, read inspiring quotes, visualize only what I want to happen, look at the bright side of life, find reasons to smile more often, learn concentration and meditation, read inspiring stories, repeat affirmations that inspire and motivate me, learn to master my thoughts, and contemplate upon the futility of negative thinking and worries.
Now I know why the person who sees the problem becomes the problem. If it weren?t for people who see problems, there wouldn?t be problems ? duh.

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