Wishing Hillary was more like a Democrat

There is enough bad stuff to go around — I can’t imagine why Hillary finds it acceptable to exaggerate and embellish, when if you look around it is certainly not necessary. She looks more and more like “them” and not “us.” She plays with the lobbyists and tells us half-truths and exaggerations, so I expect she will not be a strong agent for change. Her own medical plan still serves the insurance companies and not the people, setting up a system in which people are forced by law to pay insurance companies.
When the game is money and manipulation, it is always the people who lose. Here is John Edwards telling us why we have such a mess, and I want to say he has been right for a long time.

If I have to choose between John McCain and Hillary Clinton, it won’t be a toss-up. I would have to go with Clinton. But my teeth are clinching thinking about the possibility.

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