Sure, right

I’m saying, if you lie about one thing you have to lie about the next related thing because when you start telling the truth people know you were lying. So in spite of the fact that the Limbaugh switchers in PA said in exit polls that they voted for Obama, I believe they voted for Clinton.
I hate to say a lot of people are lying, but here is how it works:

  • If, as a Limbaugh switcher, I had voted for Clinton, I would be negating the effect of that vote to say I voted for Clinton. That would make people think her win was false, and that would not boost her favor as a candidate.
  • On the other hand, if I were a Limbaugh switcher and voted for Clinton (which I am sure they did) and said I voted for Obama, that would make it look like Hillary was actually getting more Democrats to vote for her.

Not to parse it to finely, a Limbaugh switcher would have to lie to the election commission and say they were a Democrat when they were in truth intending to act in support of the Republican ticket. That means that going in they would have one lie to their credit. Coming out and asked to state which candidate they voted for, they have to say “Obama.” If they say “Clinton,” they are saying, “Hey, I am a Limbaugh switcher who lied to the election commission.”
It seems more realistic to me to believe that Obama brought out a lot of people who have not voted before, and he closed the lead on Clinton even against the tide of switchers. I believe that is where the actual evidence tends.

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