The Lord’s Work

Thanks to Not Larry Sabato for the link to the video of Mike Huckabee encouraging voter suppression at a Bob McDonnell rally:

Now, I suppose that since there was laughter we are supposed to think that the comments were intended to be a joke. But I grew up in a church where pastors and evangelists told and re-told a story about a church that was upset by a bar that was operating nearby. They met daily and prayed that the bar would cease operation, and after a few days it burned to the ground. The prayer group met the day after the fire to thank God for the answer to their prayers, and one elderly member was particularly joyful. She explained, “I was here every day to pray, but praise God yesterday I put some legs on my prayers.” This story was always greeted with “Amen” and appreciative chuckles, and nobody ever pointed out that arson is a crime.
So I am less inclined to laugh.

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