Making Virginia A Better Place

When you reject worker training and workforce stability for political nonsense, what do you have to be thinking?
Maybe the Obstructionists believe the working poor are part of the local color of the South, able to survive on beans and cornbread, uneducated but wise in the way of the world, happy in a rural innocent rag-tag way uncorrupted by education, money, and a desire for luxuries like clean water and Internet access.
Maybe they think that training and financial stability would corrupt the help, and workers would forget their place, even come to believe that they actually deserve health care.
Maybe they see that with education and incentives for clean energy, Virginians would not consent to have their mountaintops bulldozed, their streams polluted, and their homes blackened in coal dust when the wind and sun are free. That would cause serious problems for a very few wealthy mine owners and operators.
But maybe the obstructionists aren’t thinking at all. They gave that up during the Bush II administration, and now they can’t get it back, neither for love nor money.

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