Franken anti-rape legislation roll call

These are the 30 Republican senators who voted against the Franken anti-rape legislation. And yes, McCain of Arizona is on the list:

  • Alexander (TN)
  • Barrasso (WY)
  • Bond (MO)
  • Brownback (KS)
  • Bunning (KY)
  • Burr (NC)
  • Chambliss (GA)
  • Coburn (OK)
  • Cochran (MS)
  • Corker (TN)
  • Cornyn (TX)
  • Crapo (ID)
  • DeMint (SC)
  • Ensign (NV)
  • Enzi (WY)
  • Graham (SC)
  • Gregg (NH)
  • Inhofe (OK)
  • Isakson (GA)
  • Johanns (NE)
  • Kyl AZ)
  • McCain (AZ)
  • McConnell (KY)
  • Risch (ID)
  • Roberts (KS)
  • Sessions (AL)
  • Shelby (AL)
  • Thune (SD)
  • Vitter (LA)
  • Wicker (MS)

One response to “Franken anti-rape legislation roll call

  1. Thanks for the info. It helps to know how our state representatives are voting. This is how I know who, I want in office and who I don’t.


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