Open letter to CNN

I have been reading the comments on your blogs, and it appears to me that a lot of sane people want universal health care, or at least Obama’s public option while a lot if insane people oppose that. For example, ref your blog post at
I don’t see how CNN in all of its programming can fail to report that most of the objection to the public option, government health care, or Obama’s plan — whatever you want to call it — is illiterate or hateful, and most of the people who want it are presenting good sound arguments with true numbers and issues, and nobody at CNN is saying anything about that difference.
Instead, you put up an iReport challenge that asks if I have a friend of a different political bent and can I send in a video of how we get along. Excuse me? We need people to pay attention, not just give 3 minutes to this side and 3 to that one and fluff it off.
Doesn’t CNN have someone who can at least read the comments and compare and contrast the opinions? Do we have to believe that one opinion is as good as another when one is supported by facts and concern and the other is just misconception and hate? What are we supposed to do as a nation when the conversation is reduced to simple-minded disagreement at the level where the ideas come together for reporting? If the public option fails, CNN will be much to blame for not truthfully reporting the opinion that comes in to them and giving perspective on the debate.
Some interested intelligent people need to be weighing in right now on this issue, because a good idea is in danger of falling to ignorance and bigotry and hate. If it does, the lives of many people will fall right along with it. People who have a forum need to speak out.
– Sarah

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