Gilmore is rising in the polls?

Virginia must have something in the fall air that is affecting people’s thought processes.
In the debate Gilmore said that he disagrees with the bailout, proving that he can still identify an issue and use it to manipulate voters. So he has found an itch to scratch, and voters are forgetting his record and settling back in the autumn glow thinking “hey, that boy has something there. I don’t like the bailout either.”
Well, nobody likes the bailout. It wasn’t our dream of perfection. However, the bailout hopefully will save a lot of people’s retirement, and administrative oversight is built into the plan thanks to both Democrats and Republicans who were making the best of a bad situation created by the Bush administration’s failure to govern. Gilmore did the same thing to Virginia’s economy that Bush did to the U.S. economy, and his lack of ability to govern is well demonstrated.
Anyone who listens to him has a memory disorder.

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